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Illume Partyware

Confetti Rose Gold + Pink

Confetti Rose Gold + Pink

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Delightful rose gold confetti packaged in clear round box. Color: Metallic rose gold, pink, peach and white. Size: 20mm round discs. Material: Foil and paper. Packaging: Round clear box 12cm high x 4cm wide. Illume Partyware’s Rose Gold and Pink Confetti, is a paper confetti crafted from fine metallic rose gold foil and soft pink, white and peach paper. Each round confetti dot is a demure 20mm in diameter, making it the perfect complement to a celebratory occasion. Traditionally, confetti is used as table scatters or is thrown at celebrations such as weddings creating a beautiful shower. The delicate Rose Gold confetti makes the perfect complement to any celebration and looks stunning when added to balloons. The addition of Rose Gold and Pink Confetti enhances any occasion with a soft, feminine style. Its round clear box packaging has been designed specifically to simplify the process of filling balloons with confetti. When you’re ready, fit the mouth of the balloon around the opening of the box and sn

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